Business processes and digital solutions for Insurance companies

About InsurBT

InsurBT is a pan-African insurtech specialized in digital transformation and publishing

for the insurance industry.

Among its main objectives, is to provide its customers with an IT system that will

actively participate in their development.

InsurBT offers its customers an enhancement of their

strategic projects through the optimal use of new technologies.

InsurBT is active in Africa and Europe (Spain, France)

Our solutions

A modular and scalable architecture according to the needs of our customers


ANIA - Damage

Ania FrontEnd


ANIA Mobile

Agents interface

Peripheral solutions

Technical accounting


Archive management

Capacity modules

Calculation engine

Workflow engine


Reporting & BI


"Ania is a full Web, Cloud Native, modular and integrated software suite dedicated to Insurance Companies. It covers the entire value chain: configuration, production, claims, collection and disbursement..."

Our services

Insurance Business Transformation

Strategic diagnosis

Digital journey

IT urbanization

Our Methods


By involving customers in our development process, we keep the focus on the business need, it also allows us to increase efficiency and to achieve good quality deliveries.


Security is one our main focus InsurBT. We take it into consideration during all product phases : product design, development, infrastructure, frameworks & tools

Lean Management

Les principes fondamentaux du lean management permettent de concevoir des parcours clients disruptifs en éliminant les sources de gaspillage


InsurBT Works with Gitlab to have an automated CI/CD pipeline. Gitlab allows source code management, and and automated build, tests deployment of the solutions

Our references

Our team

Executive Management

Administration & Talent Acquisition

– Development of necessary skills
to achieve our goals

– Response to skills needs or/and
number of resources

– Optimization of the delay so that new
candidates are operationals

– Ensures the alignment of skills by
relation to strategic objectives

Business Product Development

– Definition of the target vision of the finished product

– Breakdown of strategic objectives into operational actions

– UAT management

– Definition and maintenance of the product roadmap

– Project management with partners

– Internal PMO

– Realization of the permanent Product/Market/Technology watch

Solutions Factory

– Support for the development of
current activity and projects

– Supply of reliable, secure solutions,
efficient and scalable to meet the
international standards and requirements

– Proposal of a flexible and agile service to
even to adapt to the constraints of our
partners and our customers

– Guarantee of production capacity within
to meet the challenges of our customers

– Offer of expertise services on our
maintenance contracts CNSS RC, Moroccan and international insurers

Our profils

Business Product Development

Is in charge of:

– The definition of product orientations

– The definition of the strategy, the roadmap and the allocated budget and can arbitrate between different needs / business lines

– The Management of the product development team and has the responsability to align the product to clients needs

– Managing product performance and the Bid process

– Supports client in projects development or application maintenance

– Ensures the governance of the project, qualifies the client's requests with the CPOs or the BAs and assigns them to the team according to their specialties Is responsible for the service quality of InsurBT delivery

Functional consultant mastering insurance business and the application perimeters entrusted to InsurBT, and his mission is to:

– Analyze incidents and functional bugs

– Understand client requirements and turn them into specification documents

– Intervene during the acceptance phase and during the run phase to qualify the functional bugs reported by the client

– Consolidates the progress of internal projects

– Produces internal dashboards and planning projects management activities to to keep projects on track

Solutions Factory

Is in charge of:

– Management of priorities and the allocation of resources allowed

– Maximization of the satisfaction of our products and our clients needs as soon as possible while guaranteeing the expected level of quality

– Management of the activity and is responsible for maintaining SLAs and achieving performance objectives

Is in charge of:

– Providing innovative solutions to meet clients requirements (functional, technical and security)

– Management of the consistency of the solution, the proper functioning of the software environments (development, integration, qualification) as well as the security aspects

– Validation of technical solutions (Design Authority)

Is in charge of:

– The impact studies on the database

– The management rules drafting

– The creation of the data dictionary

– The identification of functional dependencies

– The creation and maintenance of MCDs, MLDs, Class Diagrams, etc.

– Database-side programmability (Vue, SP, Pkg, trigger, etc.)

Is in charge of:

– The design and development of software solutions

– The correction of identified bugs by respecting the software engineering standards in order to obtain quality software products: reliable, secure, efficient and scalable, in compliance with the load commitment

Is in charge of:

– The implementation of the data backup policy for databases

– Ensures control of data integrity and security during interventions (incidents, enhancements)

– Monitoring the proper functioning of databases and intervention in case of an incident

– Study of the impact of changes on the data model and on the data in the case of recovery

– Support for developments related to the database (procedure, recovery scripts, etc.)

Is in charge of:

– The preparation of internal environments (Creation of VMs, installation of OS and middleware, etc.)

– The openings of the flows necessary for the project

– The solution implementation on the environments

– The client support for go live implementation

– The management of GITLAB code versioning tool

– The vulnerability analysis on libraries and dependencies

– The intervention case of an incident (logs analysis, configuration changes, loadbalancing, etc.)

Our values


InsurBT chooses its employees for the quality of their experience and their in-depth knowledge of process reengineering methodologies and information technologies.


Continuous monitoring with an available and competent team guarantee the relevance and objectivity of the solutions recommended by InsurBT.


InsurBT anticipates changes in its clients' environment to develop strategies and new offers of custom products and services.

Fulfilling commitments

InsurBT gagne la confiance de ses clients par le respect des engagements pris, à la manière dont elle fait siennes les ambitions de ses clients et dont elle les accompagne au quotidien pour atteindre leurs objectifs.

Contact us

 42, Bd Abdelmoumen, immeuble Walili Street, 8ème étage, plateau 58. Casablanca – Maroc

+212 6 61 15 35 25
+212 5 22 99 06 16